I offer various services, details of which can be found below.

Live Playing

I am available to play trumpet on gigs both in Nashville and on the road.  I have a variety of experience in the Jazz and Commercial world, as well as classical/church experience. I am comfortable playing lead, section, and solo chairs in big bands, and can also play a bit of valve trombone. Rates are negotiable, but generally start at $75 for a one-hour show, plus additional costs for travel if the gig is more than 2 hours outside of Nashville.

Session work

I am an experienced session musician, appearing on the albums on the Discography page, as well as countless recording sessions here in Nashville for various artists of all genres. Rates are based on time, number of parts being laid down, and any travel to/from the studio.

Remote Recording

I am able to record trumpet and trombone parts out of my home studio. Rates depend on how many tracks are needed - a single trumpet solo will be less expensive than a full 4-part section. For this, I require several details about what is to be recorded. This can also be combined with my arranging/writing services for a discount on the total package.